Toward a migrating thought

  • Severino Ngoenha
  • Laura Ferilli
Keywords: Interculturality, Cultural Citizenship, migration, migrating thought.


This article attempts to go beyond the reductionist conception of interculturality, which is often defined into theories and into practices as a simple tool to manage immigration. Instead of dialectically challenging the link between migration and interculture, we reinforce this link by suggesting the notion of migrating thought. This notion refers to the pan-migratio awareness, i.e. to the fact that we live into a world of perpetual journeys not only of persons, but also of goods, ideas, thoughts, and representations. In this perspective, the migratio phenomena can not be reduced to economical migrations. If we seriously want to consider this phenomena as a component of our time, that means we seriously have to consider the different intercultural levels we experience : the constant intra-swiss dialogue between different cultures and languages, the intra-european conciliation question, and, above all, the interculturation of the world.

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Ngoenha, S., & Ferilli, L. (2007). Toward a migrating thought. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 29(3), 399–416.