Didactics phenomenons in immersion’s classes

  • Fran Leutenegger
  • Itziar Plazaola Giger


This essay is part of a wider reflection on the issues raised by the study of various didactics. We will focus on the didactic interactions that occur in so called « immersion » classes, during lessons dedicated to the resolution of arithmetic problems. The school is bilingual French-English. These classes are taught in French and attended by approximately 12 years old pupils of diverse linguistic origins. How does the teacher manage such classes, with respect to the taught/learnt contents? Based on a in depth scrutiny of such a class, the following essay presents a cross disciplinary analysis, referring to two different entry points: on one hand, a theoretical framing stemming from French second language didactics, and on the other a framing derived from mathematics didactics articulated with comparative didactics.

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Leutenegger, F. and Plazaola Giger, I. (2002) “Didactics phenomenons in immersion’s classes”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 24(2), pp. 327–346. doi: 10.24452/sjer.24.2.4633.