The didactic action. Some elements of theorization

  • Gérard Sensevy


This paper is devoted to the presentation of some elements of an ongoing theorization of the didactic action, viewed as a joint action focused on the knowledge content that shapes the didactic transactions.
Therefore, the main goal of this paper is a theoretical one. It outlines a set of notions to elaborate a system of tools in order to investigate the didactic action.
The first part of the paper is devoted to set out the main concepts of this theoretical framework, particularly through the notions of didactic game and learning game.
In the second part, some categories of this framework are empirically tested (in particular those of practical epistemology and topogenesis).

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Sensevy, G. (2006) “The didactic action. Some elements of theorization”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 28(2), pp. 205–226. doi: 10.24452/sjer.28.2.4725.