Teacher Induction: Validation of a Model Inspired by Bronfenbrenner

  • Jimmy Bourque
  • François Gremion
  • Abdeljalil Akkari
  • Marie-Anne Broyon
  • Stéphanie Boéchat-Heer
  • Jacqueline Gremaud
Keywords: Teacher induction, novice teachers, model of Bronfenbrenner


In education, transition from training to professional practice remains a complex phenomenon. Consequently, we tested a model of teacher induction inspired by Bronfenbrenner’s. This model locates the novice teacher at the center of a concentric system, and generated six hypotheses, that we tested. Three institutions participated in the study: the “Universities of Teacher Education” of BEJUNE, Fribourg and Valais. A sample of 186 novice teachers completed a questionnaire in the Spring of 2006. Structural equations modeling allowed us to test for links between variables pertaining to perception of competence, working conditions, teacher training, and perceived success of induction. Results stress the importance of working conditions and job satisfaction on the perceived success of induction and involvement in school.

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Bourque, J., Gremion, F., Akkari, A., Broyon, M.-A., Boéchat-Heer, S. and Gremaud, J. (2009) “Teacher Induction: Validation of a Model Inspired by Bronfenbrenner”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 31(2), pp. 355–376. doi: 10.24452/sjer.31.2.5099.