Evaluation process,communities of practice and professional training

  • Bernadette Charlier
  • France Henri


This paper presents an approach to evaluation called evaluation for knowledge. We define and describe this approach and try to demonstrate that this approach applied in a blended learning system and the knowledge produced by this evaluation have the capacity to support the building processes of a community of practice, particularly participation and reification, and thus contribute to the definition of it’s identity. To illustrate this assumption, one case will then be described. In conclusion, we highlight other positive effects of this evaluation approach and some difficulties related with its application and underlined some new research questions.

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Charlier, B. and Henri, F. (2004) “Evaluation process,communities of practice and professional training”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 26(2), pp. 285–304. doi: 10.24452/sjer.26.2.4681.