Girls and boys in the all-day school system

  • Ludwig Stecher
Keywords: Gender justice at school, all-day school, gender mainstreaming


This contribution considers to what extend the principles of gender equality at school (which have been demanded by gender-oriented school research for a long time) have been implemented in German all-day schools. It reveals a twofold abstinence with regard to the topic. Firstly, only few works take a concept account of the correlation between gender and all-day schooling on the basis of empirical data. Moreover, the practical level of schooling reveals that so far, instruments of applying gender justice are little used in German all-day schools (e.g. girl conferences, boy conferences). With regard to the provisions of all-day schools, the data show that boys and girls equally participate in instruction offers that relate to learning.

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Stecher, L. (2007) “Girls and boys in the all-day school system”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 29(2), pp. 209–230. doi: 10.24452/sjer.29.2.4770.