Occupational stress among secondary school teachers in Tunisia

  • Alma Hafsi
Keywords: Occupational stress, secondary schools, teachers


The purpose of this study is to identify stress-generating situations among secondary school teachers. The theorical framework summons up models of psychological stress at work, particularly the Karasek’s one. We hypothesize that organization and management of the schools induce occupational stress. We tested this hypothesis by conducting the JCQ survey on 351 teachers working in the three types of secondary schools. The results shown that 18% of the population express facing stressful situations. Teachers of professional and technical schools are less facing stress pressure than the others. They declare having more decisional latitude and control opportunities.

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Hafsi, A. (2018). Occupational stress among secondary school teachers in Tunisia. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 39(1), 57–74. https://doi.org/10.24452/sjer.39.1.4999