Teachers’ Sensivity to School Dropout Risk Factors

  • Anne-Françoise de Chambrier
  • Valérie Angelucci
  • Léonie Liechti
  • Oliver Prosperi
Keywords: School dropout, risk factors, related to school risk factors, teacher representations, teacher characteristics


School dropout is a complex and process phenomenon; it results from both internal and external school factors. This study aims to analyse teachers’ awareness of the importance those risk factors play in school dropout, and how some of their characteristics might influence their representations. The results generally show that, independently of their characteristics, teachers are moderately aware of school related factors in school dropping out. They attach greater importance to student related factors and to their family environment, although some differences depending on teachers’ characteristics emerge.

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de Chambrier, A.-F., Angelucci, V., Liechti, L., & Prosperi, O. (2017). Teachers’ Sensivity to School Dropout Risk Factors. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 39(2), 251–270. https://doi.org/10.24452/sjer.39.2.5009