Online Youth Culture of a So-Called At-Risk Youth

  • Luca Preite


By using «naturally occurring data» the paper analyzes two case studies of the post-migration youth culture, namely, the rather famous internet comedian Zeki Bulgurcu (Swissmeme) and the rather unknown video editor Ardi (Albastyeeler). Both examples of an emerging online youth culture point to the existence of rarely considered self-socialization and informal learning processes outside the school system. It can be shown that high-risk adolescents use these media channels as a creative outlet to deal with social labeling processes. Based on this result, the paper also poses the question of how the acquisition of media competencies might be supported by the educational sciences.

How to Cite
Preite, L. (2018) “Online Youth Culture of a So-Called At-Risk Youth”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 40(2), pp. 335–350. doi: 10.24452/sjer.40.2.5064.