Lesson planning in the career entry phase: Relevant personal and social resources

  • Daniela Freisler-Mühlemann
  • Yves Schafer
  • Anja Winkler
Keywords: Career entry phase; lesson planning; professionalisation; personal and social resources; mixed methods Berufseinstiegsphase; Unterrichtsplanung; Professionalisierung; soziale und personale Ressourcen von Lehrpersonen; Mixed-Methods Phase d’entrée dans la profession d’enseignant ; planification des cours ; professionnalisation, ressources sociales et personnelles des enseignant·e·s ; méthodes mixtes Fase di ingresso nella professione; pianificazione delle lezioni; professionalizzazione; risorse sociali e personali degli insegnanti metodo misto


In this paper, an explanatory mixed-methods design was used to investigate relevant personal and social resources of teachers for entering into the profession in the field of lesson planning. Analyses show that the first year of self-responsible employment places demands on career starters that challenge them and require resources. The activation of appropriate personal and social resources helps teachers to progress in their professionalisation. Consciousness and resilience have a positive effect on lesson planning, while social support is particularly helpful when a responsible and cooperative contact person in the school provides individual learning support. This creates important preconditions for teachers to find their way into their profession.

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Freisler-Mühlemann, D., Schafer, Y., & Winkler, A. (2021). Lesson planning in the career entry phase: Relevant personal and social resources. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 43(1), 139–154. https://doi.org/10.24452/sjer.43.1.11