Teachers' Practices: Students' Views at the Beginning of the School Year

Keywords: teacher student relationship; student attitudes; effective teaching; beginning of the school year; pedagogy


At the very start of the school year, how do students perceive the practices of their teachers, and how do they consider that these practices affect their own attitudes? Not long after the start of the school year, high school students reported on classroom situations that enabled them to better understand their teachers. We show that students perceive their teachers' practices in four areas: mastering pedagogy, setting limits, establishing a caring relationship, and making learning fun. These perceptions influence the students’ experience and in general, remain throughout the year.

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Murillo, A., Blanc, J. and Veyrac, H. (2022) “Teachers’ Practices: Students’ Views at the Beginning of the School Year”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 44(3), pp. 351–364. doi: 10.24452/sjer.44.3.5.