A longitudinal study of personality-occupation congruence on career

  • Claudia Schellenberg
  • Annette Krauss
  • Achim Hättich
Keywords: Congruence, J. Holland, personality, occupation, satisfaction, longitudinal study


There is amazingly few research into personality-occupation congruence in a longitudinal study. Drawing on Holland, our study investigates congruence over 36 years in a representative sample of the German-speaking part of Switzerland (N=805). Two different representations of congruence are examined: Profile-correlations based on raw scores and comparison of the first three letters of the RIASEC (Zener-Schnuelle Index). Personality was measured with the Adjective Check List and occupational interests. Results indicated that there is a significant correlation between personality and occupation over the 36 years. This is associated with life satisfaction and satisfaction in different domains.

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Schellenberg, C., Krauss, A., & Hättich, A. (2017). A longitudinal study of personality-occupation congruence on career. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 39(3), 553–572. https://doi.org/10.24452/sjer.39.3.5046