Peer to peer mediation at school: search for a program for a primary school in Valais. A systematic review based on the «Evidence-Based Practice» criteria.

  • Mireille Tabin
Keywords: Systematic review, mediation, peer, conflict resolution, primary schools


ased on the «Evidence-Based Practice» criteria, this systematic review was conducted in order to recommend a peer mediation program to a primary school located in Valais. Eleven articles were analyzed, each evaluating a specific program. Three possibilities were identified by taking into account the evaluation’s reliability, the program’s efficiency and its availability: (1) to opt for the French-speaking program «Vers le Pacifique»; (2) to opt for an American program which would have to be adapted in French, The Peacebuilders, Resolving Conflict Creatively, PATHS, The Good Behavior Game, Too Good for Violence; or (3) to opt for Peacemaker, which is available in French and supported by an association, the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI). 

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Tabin, M. (2019) “ A systematic review based on the «Evidence-Based Practice» criteria”., Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 41(1), pp. 36–53. doi: 10.24452/sjer.41.1.5.