Swiss adolescents’ well-being in school

  • Tina Hascher University of Bern
  • Gerda Hagenauer University of Salzburg
Keywords: Well-being in school, adolescence, large-scale assessment, school reluctance, school absenteeism


Student well-being is an issue with regard to educational effectiveness. However, little is known about Swiss students’ well-being in school. This study was conducted in the context of the project “Überprüfung des Erreichens der Grundkompetenzen ÜGK 2016” and aimed at contributing to closing this gap by investigating adolescents’ (N = 22,423) well-being in school. An analysis of six well-being in school dimensions revealed the following results: Swiss secondary students report positive attitudes, a good academic self-concept, low physical complaints and low social problems, but also a lack of enjoyment and a prevalence for worries in school. Significant differences across gender, region, migration background, and attended school type as well as associations between well-being in school and school reluctance and truancy were found.

How to Cite
Hascher, T. and Hagenauer, G. (2020) “Swiss adolescents’ well-being in school”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 42(2), pp. 367–390. doi: 10.24452/sjer.42.2.5.