Language-sensitive history teaching as a task of professionalization

  • Saskia Handro
  • Vanessa Kilimann Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Keywords: Language-sensitive history lessons; reading promotion; teacher professionalization; teachers’ beliefs; reflected practical experience


Language-sensitive historical learning is a concept for the promotion of heterogeneity-sensitive historical skills. Its implementation requires that teachers know about the linguistic problems of historical learning, profile language-sensitive support strategies in a subject-specific manner and consider their use as effective for learning in the subject. Interdisciplinary basic and advanced training offers for language-sensitive teaching should therefore be supplemented by subject-didactic professionalization offers. Thisarticle explains the necessity of didactic professionalization in this field and presents the didactic professionalization concept “ProLeGu” for reading development in history classes and initial findings of the project-related research.

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Handro, S., & Kilimann, V. (2020). Language-sensitive history teaching as a task of professionalization. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 42(3), 656–668.