Conceiving temporal complexity in education from a critical perspective

  • Michel Alhadeff-Jones
Keywords: Time, rhythm, complexity, education, learning, educational temporalities


The study of time and the rhythms of education reveals a complexity that is particularly difficult to analyze, because it refers simultaneously to heterogeneous aspects of experience (e.g., physical, biological, psychological, social, cultural). To make such a complexity understandable, this paper question some of the assumptions through which the temporalities of education and formation are conceived. This reflection is organized around three axes: the first one aims at framing the heterogeneity of educational temporalities; the second one explores their dynamic and conflicting nature; and the third axis questions more specifically the critical aim of a reflection on temporal complexity, conceived from the perspective of emancipatory education.

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Alhadeff-Jones, M. (2019). Conceiving temporal complexity in education from a critical perspective. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 40(3), 587–602.