Diversity and equality in education (2000-2019): developments, challenges and prospects

  • Zoe Moody
  • Isabel Valarino
Keywords: Equality; diversity; gender; migration; social class; inclusion; research synthesis


With the diversity of school audiences, equality is an increasing subject of attention in educational research. Persisting inequalities and the difficult balance between individual needs and non-discrimination are at the heart of debates, in an attempt to highlight the theoretical and practical challenges of diversity in education. This contribution proposes a systematic review of the research field dealing with issues of diversity and equality in education, as outlined over the last twenty years (2000-2019) in the main educational sciences review in Switzerland. Developments, breaking points and continuities are identified, as well as the most significant cross-cutting themes, based on the description of issues on which educational researchers are working.

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Moody, Z. and Valarino, I. (2021) “Diversity and equality in education (2000-2019): developments, challenges and prospects”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 43(1), pp. 84–97. doi: 10.24452/sjer.43.1.7.