Early support with the program «PAT – Mit Eltern Lernen»: Effects in the first year of Kindergarten

  • Simone Schaub
  • Ramona Eberli
  • Erich Ramseier
  • Alex Neuhauser
  • Andrea Lanfranchi
Keywords: Early support; RCT; home visiting program; educational opportunities; psychosocial risk


The RCT Study ZEPPELIN examines the effectiveness of the «PAT – Mit Eltern Lernen» program surrounding in the Zurich area. A total of 132 families with psychosocial burdens (e.g. poverty and migration) were supported at home during the first three years after the birth of their children. The 116 families in the control group did not receive any intervention apart from general services provided by Municipalities. This contribution shows that early support continues to have an impact two years after the end of the program. In the first year of kindergarten, children with PAT showed better German skills, higher self-regulation and fewer behavioral problems. In contrast, no effects were found with regard to intelligence and mathematical skills. These findings are relevant against the background of the long-term goal of increasing educational opportunities through early education measures.

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Schaub, S., Eberli, R., Ramseier, E., Neuhauser, A. and Lanfranchi, A. (2021) “Early support with the program «PAT – Mit Eltern Lernen»: Effects in the first year of Kindergarten”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 43(2), pp. 285–296. doi: 10.24452/sjer.43.2.8.