In search of an ecosystem balance in participatory research settings

Keywords: Participatory research methods; learning community; dimensions of research settings; teachers-researchers relationships; methodological challenges


This article aims to shed light on the dimensions that bring together researchers and practitioners in participatory research (PR) arrangements, as well as on the methodological challenges they may present. Participatory research that brought together teachers and researchers on the topic of science teaching practices serves as a basis for such clarifications. The results show that teachers’ engagement in PR contributes to their professional development and improves their teaching practices. They also reveal methodological tensions between practitioners and researchers that require adjustments. A discussion proposes avenues for the conduct and design of participatory research methods.

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Dionne, L., & Savoie-Zajc, L. (2021). In search of an ecosystem balance in participatory research settings. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 43(3), 390–401.