Swiss in-company trainers: multiple ways to train and socialize apprentices

Keywords: Dual system; in-company trainers; socialization; Switzerland; training practices


The Dual system, which involves courses at vocational schools and in-company training, is the most popular form of post-compulsory education in Switzerland. The role of in-company trainers has not been extensively studied to date. This article aims to fill this research gap by highlighting their role as socialization agents. Qualitative and typological analyses point out the different practices and contents of young apprentices’ socialization, structured around four ideal-typical profiles of trainers called “entrepreneurs”, “artisans”, “converted” and “resigned”. This typology was constructed based on their perception of apprentices and their satisfaction with the training function.

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Besozzi, R. (2023) “Swiss in-company trainers: multiple ways to train and socialize apprentices”, Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 45(1), pp. 2–14. doi: 10.24452/sjer.45.1.1.